Graphic Abstract Watercolor Tattooing


J. Livieratos a.k.a Live2 was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he was a prominent member of the local graffiti scene. Leaving his mark on the wall since 1994, Live2 became one of the most recognized artists in Greece as well as major cities abroad. He was also the organiser behind “Meeting of Styles” graffiti festivals

Ninne Oat
Blackwork Sketchy Graphic Tattooing


Ilias Efthymiou a.k.a NinneOat is a Zürich based, Greek born tattooer known for his unique yet grounded take on tattooing. He has honed his skills in tattooing for the past several years in range of styles such as Graphic, Abstract and Black and Grey Realism evolving into his recognisable style of sketchy lines and bold black.

Nteko Atao
Modern Traditional Tattooing


Konstantinos Panytsidis aka Nteko Atao is a Greek born modern traditional tattoo artist based in Zurich.His unique aesthetic on tattooing and painting is a blend of traditionaltattoo and modern art characterised by his bold lines, his bright colours and his surreal aspect of art. Nteko always tries to come up with fresh ideas