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Meet the Crew of THE BURNING EYE TATTOO studio 

About TheBurning Eye Tattoo

Today’s tattooing has developed to an incredible extent. The amounts of styles it has to offer is overwhelming however the real understanding and appreciation of good and honest tattooing comes from the year of knowledge tattooists have gathered as well as hard work, improvement and socialising within the industry.

The most important part is to develop one’s own personal approach to tattooing to make it unique, recognisable and one of a kind.

To provide custom work we develop our own ways of working on subjects and ideas that are brought to us.

Custom tattooing is essential to THE BURNING EYE TATTOO studio. Each project has incredible potential to develop into something great if left to the tattooist with trust and confidence. This assurance can be gained by finding, studying and choosing the specific style desired.

We understand that for some individuals, knowledge and familiarity plays a massive role in getting tattooed, and for that reason we recommend having a consultation before to get acquainted with each other’s ideas.

To provide you with a unique piece, we recommend you do not bring examples of already existing tattoos, and allow the basic idea to be developed during the meeting with your tattooist. 

In order to achieve the best result, we prefer to work directly with the client on the day of the appointment. This allows for a more customised tattoo. However some of our tattooists prefer to discuss and design the projects beforehand- just depends on what type of tattoo and which tattooist you choose.

By having you around while drawing up the design, it allows us to offer some ideas on the spot and helps achieve a result that the client as well as the tattooist are completely satisfied with.

If you are a dedicated customer and you are already familiar with the tattooists work, designs can be prepared before or alternatively you can simply chose a design from their flash drawings.

Our studio policy strictly DOES NOT copy, recreate or continue some other professional’s work. 

Cover-ups are another very important part of our daily work.

They are usually more complex and therefore require more time and focus in designing something over the old, badly done or damaged piece. Sometimes, depending on the cover-up, ideas and options can be limited and some motifs can work better than others.

Usually this is designed directly onto the body using high contrast lines, smart and clean execution of design and the new piece will guarantee you a long lasting, improved effect.

Pretty much any piece can be reworked and improved.

For any questions feel free to contact us.

After care Tattoo

Take care your new tattoo


Keep your tattoo covered for at least 3 hours.
Once you remove the plastic film, wash the area with soap and water and gently massaged with your hand (soap must have a neutral PH).


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The exact price depends on the size of the tattoo and the effort. Sometimes it’s very difficult to fix a price in advance.
The minimum price of a tattoo is 200 CHF.


The consultation before the date of the appointment is a great start off point.
The client will be asked to introduce their ideas and possible references to help us provide them with a custom piece. When it comes to inspiration, it is best to refrain


Before the tattoo itself, the artist will draw up the image of the design and, once you are satisfied with the result, they will use a stencil to place the design on your body. Once you will give us the go-ahead, we will set up the equipment and get tattooing! 


For an appointment, we require a deposit of 100 CHF, which will be deducted from the total price of the tattoo.
Non-attendances will be charged as well as appointments which are cancelled within less than 2 working days (48 hours).